4 Solutions to Unmerge PDF Files Like a Pro (Step-by-step Guides)

“I have a huge PDF document that I wish to split into two different files. Can someone tell me how to unmerge PDF without losing any data in the conversion process?”

This is a query recently posted on a leading online forum about unmerging PDF files. If you are also working on a big PDF file that you wish to unmerge, then you have come to the right place. While it is pretty easy to merge PDF files together, a lot of users struggle to unmerge documents. Well, the good news is that there are multiple ways to unmerge PDF files that you can try. In this post, I have listed 4 different solutions. Read on.

PDFelement: Unmerge PDF on Mac and Windows

PDFelement is probably one of the easiest solutions to unmerge a PDF into two or more files, as per your requirements. The tool would let you select the pages that you wish to unmerge or you can just unmerge PDFs using bookmarks as well. Users can save the unmerged PDF document wherever they like and can even make changes in it. PDFelement provides numerous professional solutions to edit, convert, merge, protect, and share PDF files that would certainly come handy to you.

pdfelement pdf unmerger

To unmerge PDF files using PDFelement by Wondershare, the following steps can be taken:

  1. To begin with, just launch PDFelement on your system and go to the “Open File” option from its home to load a PDF. You can also just drag and drop the PDF document to its interface as well.
    open pdf files in pdfelement windows
  2. Once the PDF file is loaded, you can go to the “Page” tab of the application from its main navigation bar. Here, you can view options to rotate, split, merge, insert, or replace pages.
    unmerge pdf in pdfelement windows
  3. Click on the “Split” option from here to get a dedicated window to Split Pages. Here, you can enter the pages that you wish to unmerge or split the document using top-level bookmarks.unmerge pdf by pages in pdfelement windows
  4. Just make the needed selections and click on the “Ok” button to save the file to a secure location.

Nitro Pro: Unmerge PDF Pages on Windows

Just like PDFelement, Nitro Pro also provides a fast and hassle-free way to unmerge a PDF file into separate files. You can enter the number of pages (or their range) that you wish to split. Similarly, there is also a provision to split a PDF document using its bookmarks as well. Furthermore, Nitro Pro can also help you perform various other tasks like editing, commenting, protecting, and sharing of PDF files.

  1. Launch Nitro Pro on your system and load the PDF file on it that you wish to split. Afterward, go to its Page Layout > Pages > Split.
  2. From here, you can select if you wish to split the document by entering its page number, page range, or bookmarks.
  3. In the Output field, provide the destination where you wish to save the file and enter a filename.
  4. After making all the needed selections, just click on the “Split” button to unmerge the PDF document.

Unmerge PDF Free with Google Chrome

If you are looking for a free solution to unmerge PDF files, then you can also try Google Chrome. While the web browser does not provide any additional features, it can let you enter the page numbers that you wish to extract. While the solution is not that user-friendly compared to the above-listed options, you can try it in the following way.
  1. Launch Google Chrome and simply drag and drop the PDF document to the web browser to open the file on it.
  2. Now, click on the Print option by clicking on its relevant icon on the top-right corner or go to its File > Print feature.open pdf in chrome
  3. As the Print options would be opened, you can enter the page numbers (or the range of pages) that you wish to split. Instead of printing the pages, go to the Destination field, and choose to save the file as a PDF.extract pages from pdf in chrome
  4. That’s it! Now you can just click on the “Save” button and split the pages of the PDF file.

Unmerge PDF Online with Web Tools

Lastly, there are several online applications out there that you can also use to unmerge PDF files online. You can just visit these online tools and upload the PDF file you wish to split. Afterward, you can enter the number of pages or their range to extract and save the PDF file on your system. While some of the tools are free, others might charge a small amount, or can leave a bookmark on the extracted document as well. Some of these popular online applications are from SplitPDF, UnmergePDF, SmallPDF, SimplyPDF, Sejda, and so on. The ball is in your court now! I’m sure that after reading about four simple and effective solutions to unmerge PDF files, you can easily meet your requirements. You can either try Google Chrome for one-time use or a dedicated application like PDFelement or Nitro Pro. These applications are mostly used by experts and they will certainly help you time and time again to work with PDF files. Using them, you can unmerge, merge, edit, convert, and do so much more with PDF documents on to go.