Top 5 Tools to Split PDF Online without Registration

Suppose you have just received an email containing PDF for editing purposes. If the PDF contains more than 50-60 pages, your task becomes more complicated. There should be a tool capable of splitting all files and their pages so that you can easily figure out which one is useful. With the increasing use of PDF for transporting files, it becomes necessary to design some tools for managing and editing the data. It is now possible with the help of some online and offline tools. Splitting is among the most common features in all PDF editor tools. One can split PDF online for free of cost if they have the addresses of some good websites. For your convenience, we are enlisting five different tools to split PDF file online.

1. PDF2Go

This online tool comprises a lot of features especially for splitting the files containing in PDF format. When you open the website and choose the split option, it will ask you to drop the file by dragging or choosing a location from your computer or cloud storage. Also, there will be an option of entering a URL where a PDF file is existing. Once it is uploaded, you will be able to edit and organize the pages with the following features.
  • Sort in ascending or descending order
  • Splitting all files in one touch or resetting them back.
  • Identifying and deleting any particular page.
  • Arranging the order of splitting manually for every page
After making all the changes to split PDF document online accordingly, save your files in the computer system or upload them directly to the cloud storage space. split pdf online pdf2go

2. iLovePDF

This is one of the lightest websites providing numerous PDF editing tools, including split PDF pages in half online. The UI of its splitter is wonderfully designed for the ease of end uses. When you upload a PDF file from the storage of the computer system or cloud space, there will be some manually customizable options available for your ease. Below is a list of some pictures that you can expect from I love PDF:
  • Options of splitting by range or exact pages
  • Two different extraction modes including extract all pages and select pages manually.
  • Merge extracted pages from existing PDF file to a new PDF file.
Once the pages are split and organized according to your expectations, there will be options for downloading, uploading on the cloud, sharing download link and generating its QR code. If you want to perform some more operational activities on the same file from a there are options of continuing with features like adding watermark, protecting with a password or compressing the pages, etc. split pdf online ilovepdf

3. PDF Resizer

Along with customizing the size of a PDF file, this tool also provides the option to split PDF into individual pages online. The best thing about PDF resizer is it’s premium grade features available for free of cost. A person can upload a PDF with a maximum size of 100 MB containing 50 files. Currently, it is supporting almost every text document including .doc, .docx, .odt, .ppt and .pptx. A user can get following features of splitting after uploading the file:-
  • Split a large document into individual pages
  • Crop or accident the margins of the document
  • Resize the dimensions and resolution of PDF
  • Rotate the pages horizontally or vertically
  • Arrange multiple pages per sheet
  • Compress PDF file data with optimal resolution
While you split pdf online, decide whether to split one page per file or arranging specific sets. Click on the download button and get your files instantly. split pdf online pdfresizer

4. PDF Converter

The interface of PDF converter tool is more friendly than any other option available online. Its large icons and easily accessible controls allow even beginners to utilize all features without confusing. Along with computer storage space and it also so accept the URLs containing PDF material. When you upload a PDF file, some significant features will appear to organize the data in the best possible manner. Thumbnails of your pages will appear one by one in sequence. Here is a list of features you can assess:
  • Add another file on the same page in order to organize the data more conveniently.
  • Drag and drop every single page two recorder
  • Rotate all pages individually.
  • Remove a particular page.
After uploading multiple PDFs, you will have options to combine all the pages in a single large file or split PDF into multiple files online. After splitting, download it in your hard disk or upload it on the cloud storage drive. split pdf online pdfconverter

5. Split a PDF

As the name illustrates, this tool is specifically meant for split large PDF files online. The only annoying thing with this tool is large advertisement banners that may confuse the first time user to find the right functions. However, it comprises all the premium features that you get after paying subscription charges. When you click on “Start Splitting” button, a new window will appear for uploading files. Once it is uploaded, you will be able to get a preview of all pages, extract a fixed number of pages or split large PDF files online on the basis of file size limit. As a free user, you will get the following features:
  • An unlimited number of files can be split at a time.
  • See real-time splitting results before you download.
  • Get a preview of every page for the ease of extraction.
split pdf online splitapdf

Get Premium Features of Splitting with Nitro PDF Offline

If free tools to split PDF online are not capable of serving the purpose as per your expectations, try premium software. PDFelement is among the leading tools currently used by top companies because of its rich features. When you open the home screen of this tool, there will be options of:
  • Selecting and extracting the uploaded pages manually in a new file.
  • Insert new files in the existing PDF to manage data.
  • Combine multiple file types in a single PDF document.
pdfelement If free tools are capable of serving the purpose, it is advisable to go with online options. For more complex tasks, we recommend premium tools like PDFelement.