Looking for a PDF Breaker? Here are 5 Working Solutions

“I have a big PDF document that I need to split into two different files, but I don’t know how to do that. Can someone tell me about a reliable PDF breaker for Windows?”

This is a query posted by a concerned PDF user on Reddit that I discovered recently. As I did some research, I realized that a lot of other users also encounter similar problems as well. If you also have a big PDF file, then you might also wish to break PDF file into pages or just export a part of it separately. Well, there are several online and desktop applications that can help you do the same. Read on and get to know about 5 different PDF page breaker solutions that you can try.

Method 1. Offline PDF Breaker – Nitro PDF

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or a beginner, you can take the assistance of Nitro PDF to meet your requirements. The application features several inbuilt tools that can break PDF file into different parts. Ideally, you can break up PDF file on the basis of bookmarks, pages, or any other range of parameters. It has an advanced PDF breaker feature that would make sure the links, bookmarks, and other formatting details would stay correct in documents even after we split them.

Step 1: Load a PDF File

Firstly, just launch the PDF that you wish to break on the Nitro PDF interface. After that, go to the Page Layout ribbon > Pages group and click on the “Split” button.

Step 2: Select How You Wish to Break PDF

To start with, just select how you wish to break the PDF. You can break it by a page range, bookmarks, or break files into “N” pages.

Furthermore, there are other options there that you can choose to customize how you break PDF into parts. You can enable the web view, identical form fields, update the title, etc. There are options to select how bookmarks are displayed and you can redirect navigation elements as well.

Step 3: Export the PDF Files

Once you have marked your choices, you can either break the file into two documents or keep the original document as a base file. Enter the name for the new files and browse to the location where you wish to save them. In the end, just click on the “Split” button to break the document into different PDF files.

Besides that, the tool can also edit PDF documents, annotate them, convert them, create new PDF documents, and even help you share it with others.

Method 2. Online PDF Page Breaker You Can Try

If you want to use an online PDF breaker tool instead, then you can explore the following options. While the online tools are not as reliable as Nitro PDF and might leave watermarks, you can give them a try nevertheless.

1. PDF Candy

This is a freely available tool that you can use to split a PDF document into two or more files. You can load the document from your system’s storage, Google Drive, or Dropbox, and customize how you wish to split the file. There are two options – you can either export a single page as a different file or provide a page range you wish to split.

split pdf pdfcandy

2. PDF.io

This is another popular online tool that you can try for free to break the PDF file of your choice. You can load a PDF file from your system’s storage, online, or cloud storage. Although, the basic version of the PDF breaker is free, it comes with size limitations and would leave a watermark on the documents.

split pdf pdfio

3. PDF2Go

One of the best things about PDF2Go is that there is no limit on the size of the document that you can split. Just upload the document and specify the pages that you wish to break. Later, you can save the document separately and download it on your computer. Since it is an online solution, you can access it from any device without downloading anything.

split pdf pdf2go

4. PDFResizer

This is a dedicated online tool that is majorly used to resize your PDF files or convert them to different formats. It also offers an additional online application that can help you split a document into different PDF files. You can divide it into two parts or just clip pages from a file and export it as a PDF document as well.

split pdf pdfresizer

Now when you know 5 different solutions to split PDF documents, you can easily fulfill your requirements. Since online tools have several limitations, you can just try Nitro PDF on your Windows system. An ideal PDF breaker, it provides so many options to split PDF documents and will optimize the links and bookmarks in your files as well. Besides that, you can also use Nitro PDF to edit, convert, create, and protect your PDF documents without any trouble.