Quick Guide on How to Sign a PDF on Mac Computer

We received several emails attached to PDF documents to sign. Reading the emails, printing the PDF documents, signing them, scanning and then sending back to the resource is a very lengthy process. Also, it is not always possible that you have all the equipment while receiving the mail. There should be a smart technique to reduce the time wasted in unnecessary procedures. Here you are going to understand how to sign a PDF on Mac with multiple techniques.

Solution 1. How to Electronically Sign a PDF on Mac Using Preview

If you have a MacBook with any operating system including OS X Lion or above, it will be very convenient to sign on the PDF files. Mac allows you to sign PDF documents on Mac using Preview. This feature is pre-installed in the operating systems of Mac. Therefore, you don’t need to install any special software to make it work. A user can electronically sign PDF on Mac with two different techniques by using a trackpad or a camera. Now we are mentioning how to sign a PDF document on mac in these simple steps below:

Option 1. Sign a PDF in Preview with Trackpad

  1. Open the PDF file in your MacBook and search for a “Markup” icon.
    markup pdf in preview
  2. Click on this icon followed by the “Signature” option.
    create signature on pdf in preview
  3. Here you need to click on the “Create Signature” and then click again on trackpad option to begin.
    sign pdf manually in preview
  4. Draw your signatures on the trackpad until you satisfy with the design. Once done with signing, click on the “Done” button to finish.
  5. Click in the button “Signature Created” in order to insert it in the PDF document file. This is how to sign a PDF file on Mac with inbuilt features. You can customize the size and position of these signatures just like and image.

Option 2. Sign a PDF in Preview with Camera

While signing a document with a camera, you have to select the option of the camera after clicking on the “Create Signature” button. When the camera turns on, draw your signatures on the white paper and show it in front of the camera. Your virtual signature will be recorded to deploy with a PDF document.

sign pdf digitally in preview

Solution 2. How to Electronically Sign PDF on Mac Using Online Tool

Adding PDF signature on Mac has become so convenient that you can also do this task online. The tools available online on various websites comprise better features and compatible with multiple platforms. For instance, you can use the same online tool in the browser for signing PDF files while operating through a Mac or Windows operating system. Here we are going to elaborate on the features of PDF signing available in Online PDF Signer. Scroll down to know how to sign PDF in Mac.

Steps on How to Sign a PDF on a Mac

  1. When you open this online tool, a menu will appear on the left side. Click “Upload Document”. You will be asked to upload the file from hard disc memory or cloud storage.
    online pdf signer upload pdf
  2. Your PDF file will open on the next page. Navigate to the top toolbar which include various options for editing PDF. If you want to sign PDF in Mac, choose the “Sign” option.
    online pdf signer sign pdf
  3. A pop-up window will appear where you are able to get different options for signing a PDF, like upload, capture, draw and much more.
    online pdf signer create signature
  4. Select the “Draw” action if you want to use the trackpad for signing. Click on the “Upload” button if you have an image of a signature. Choose the “Capture” button to turn on the webcam, draw signatures and capture the image.
    online pdf signer draw signature
  5. Once the signature is created, click on the save button and place anywhere in the document by dragging the mouse. Finally, click the Done button on the top right corner to save the change. This is the complete process of how to sign a pdf on Mac using online tools.
    online pdf signer place signature

If you want to electronically sign a PDF on a Windows computer, you can try Nitro PDF Suite. This software is capable of editing, converting, signing, protecting PDF and let you fully make use of your PDF documents.