Learn How to Electronically Sign PDF Files with These 5 Solutions

In the present technologically-driven world, the use of PDF files has drastically increased. This is because it is easier to manage PDF files and protect them as well. One of the simplest ways to protect and validate PDF documents is by including electronic signatures. Though, a lot of users still don’t know how to electronically sign PDF files in the usual way. In this guide, I’m going to list 5 different solutions to sign your PDF docs easily.

Method 1. Nitro Pro: The Easiest Solution to Esign PDF

If you are looking for a hassle-free solution to signing PDF documents electronically, then just take the assistance of Nitro Pro. Using its friendly interface, you can easily add electronic signatures to your PDF files or add digital ID for extra security. In this way, you can lock your PDF files and validate them for protection. Besides that, you can also ask for digital signatures from other users as well. Here’s how you can use Nitro Pro to add electronic signature to PDF.

Option 1: Insert Electronic Signature in PDF

  1. To start with, just install Nitro Pro on your Windows system and open the respective PDF file on it.
  2. If you wish to add a digital signature form field, then simply head to its Forms tab > Form Fields > Digital Signature. This will let you drop the signature field anywhere you want in the file.
  3. To add the sign, just go to its Signature Properties and enter your name. You can further change other properties to personalize your electronic sign.

Option 2: Create and add your digital ID

  1. Apart from that, you can add digital IDs using Nitro Pro as well. For this, go to the Identification group and click on the “My Digital IDs” section.
  2. This will open a dedicated window for you to manage your digital IDs. Click on the “New” feature from here and enter the respective details to create (and save) your digital ID.
  3. If a digital ID has already been created, then you can click on the “Import” button from here. Similarly, you can also export your digital ID from here and save it anywhere else you like.
  4. Once the digital ID has been created, go to its Protect tab > Certify Document > Sign and view the available signatures from here.
  5. Select the digital ID of your choice and click on the page where you wish to include it. In the end, you can just save the PDF file so that it would stay protected.

Other Online Solutions to Electronically Sign PDFs

While Nitro Pro would lets you put electronic signature on PDF files in a jiffy, here are some popular tools that you can use to esign PDF free as well.

1. DigiSigner

DigiSigner is a popular online tool to electronically sign PDF free. All you got to do is visit its website and load the PDF file that you wish to sign. After that, you can add your electronic signature and download the protected PDF document. Presently, DigiSigner only provides a 14-day free trial and you would have to buy its premium subscription once the trial period is over.

electronically sign pdf digisigner

2. SodaPDF

The online tool by Soda PDF also provides a seamless solution to add electronic signature on PDF free. Since it is an online tool, there is no need for downloading any application to use it. You can simply visit its official website and load the PDF document that you wish to sign. If you want, you can also upload a document from your Google Drive or Dropbox as well. Later, the application will ask certain user details to online esign PDF.

electronically sign pdf soda pdf

3. Light PDF

This is a user-friendly and lightweight solution to esign PDF online free on any device. You can either access its website or simply download its mobile app to esign PDF. There is no need to register on the website to insert an electronic signature in PDF using this online tool. Once you launch the website, it will ask you to upload a PDF document. After that, you can enter your details to put an electronic signature on PDF that can easily be downloaded on your device.

electronically sign pdf lightpdf

4. SmallPDF

SmallPDF provides a wide range of features to create, edit, convert, and protect PDF files through its online tools. You can go to its online tool to add an electronic signature to PDF documents by entering your details. If you want, you can also add a signature field in your PDF files so that you can request for a digital signature from others. The online application is pretty easy to use and supports a wide range of platforms due to its universal availability.

electronically sign pdf smallpdf

There you go! Now when you know 5 different ways to electronically sign PDF files, you can easily protect your documents. While online solutions can help you with signing PDF documents electronically, they are not always an ideal choice. To have a hassle-free experience, simply go with Nitro Pro. It will let you add digital IDs to your documents and esign PDF in seconds. You can also use it to create PDF forms, convert PDF files, edit them, and do so much more.