The 6 Best PDF Form Filler Solutions You Can Try

“I have got an interactive PDF form that I need to fill, but I’m not sure how to do that. Can someone tell me how to use a PDF form filler tool?”

In the last few years, it has become pretty common to use PDF forms for data collection. Since they let us maintain the form while collecting data in a restricted way, they are often used by professionals of different fields. Though, a lot of times, people find it hard to fill an interactive or static PDF form. Well, to do that, you can use a PDF filler software or an online tool as well. In this post, I’m going to make you familiar with 5 such resourceful applications.

Part 1: Offline Tools to Fill in PDF Forms

If you want to make things easier for you, then you can just use these dedicated applications to fill out PDF forms of all kinds.

1. PDFelement Form Filler

This is one of the smartest PDF form fillers that you can use on leading Windows and Mac systems. It supports both interactive and standard PDF forms that you can fill pretty easily. You can use its inbuilt form filler feature and further edit any other field in the file as well. The application supports annotation and protection features as well to further help you. Besides that, you can also create a new PDF form or import a form from Excel or Word.

Here’s how you can use PDFelement’s form filler feature:

Option 1: Fill an Interactive PDF form

If the PDF file has interactive form fields, then it would be pretty easy for you to fill it. Just launch PDFelement and open the PDF form on the application. It will automatically detect all the interactive fields and would let you fill them. You can click on the “Highlight Fields” option here to further highlight and fill the interactive fields. highlight fields in pdfelement windows

Option 2: Fill a Standard PDF form

Even if the PDF file doesn’t have interactive fields, you can open the file with PDFelement to fill it. After opening the file, go to PDFelement’s Form tab and click on the “Form Recognition” feature. This will automatically detect the fields that can be edited or filled and will let you make the needed changes.

2. Nitro PDF Pro

Nitro PDF Pro provides a wide range of solutions to work with PDF documents. This includes filling static as well as interactive PDF forms. Besides that, users can also create PDF forms, edit PDF documents, convert them to different formats, protect PDF files, and do so much more. Since it has an extremely simple user interface, you can work on all kinds of PDF documents without any trouble. Here’s how you can use the Nitro PDF to type in PDF form.
  1. Firstly, just launch the Nitro PDF Pro application on your system and open the PDF form that you wish to fill.
  2. Now, just select the field where you wish to enter your data. For instance, you can just click the checkbox, radio button, or the dropdown menu in the form.
  3. To enter the text, just click your mouse where you wish to type. You can use the Hand Tool to fill the fields in an interactive form. If it is a static form, then just use the Type Text tool to fill the data.
  4. All the relevant fields will be highlighted to make it easier for you to fill the form. If you want to reset it, then go to Forms > Form Data and press the “Reset” option.
  5. In case if the form requires a signature, then you can just use the QuickSign tool to digitally sign the document.
That’s it! Once the form is filled, you can go to the File > Save As feature and save the document the way you like.

3. Adobe Acrobat DC Pro

The Acrobat DC Pro is another PDF form filler software that you can use to fill up PDF form. Since it is developed by Adobe, it would be compatible with all kinds of PDF forms. The fields would be highlighted and you can later use the Hand or the Beam tool to fill the form. Although the application is pretty easy to use, it does come at a heavy price tag that can alarm a lot of users.

adobe acrobat pro dc

Part 2: Online Program to Fill out PDF Forms

Apart from PDF software, there are some online tools as well that you can use to electronically fill out PDF forms, like the following options:

1. PDF Pro Form Filler

The program to fill in PDF forms is hosted on the official website of PDF Pro and can be accessed on any device. Users can just upload their PDF document to the application and it will automatically detect the fields where you wish to enter the details. After filling the form, you can download the completed document, and use it the way you like. Though, after completing its free trial, you would need to buy its subscription.

pdf form filler pdfpro

2. DeftPDF

DeftPDF provides a hassle-free online solution to edit PDF documents and even fill up form in PDF. You can access its online tool on your computer or a smartphone and upload the respective PDF file. It has its native interface that it would load and let you fill the PDF form’s fields the way you like. When you have completed the form filling, you can save the file, and download it on your device.

pdf form filler deftpdf

3. Soda PDF Form Filler

Soda PDF provides a set of online tools that you can use to create and edit PDF documents easily. Its PDF form filler tool is no such exception and it will let you load a document from your device, Google Drive, or Dropbox. It will detect the elements that you can fill using its interactive interface and save the document in the end.

pdf form filler sodapdf

Now when you know about three different software to fill out PDF forms, you can easily fill any PDF form without any trouble. Though, most of the users don’t prefer an online tool as they come with size restrictions and might leave their watermark in the exported file. If you are looking for an all-in-one PDF solution, then simply give the PDFelement a try. In no time, it will let you fill the PDF form with its interactive tool. You can also edit the PDF document without altering its formatting and convert it to other formats as well. Besides that, it also features solutions to protect and share PDF.