Create Fillable PDF Form Like a Pro: 5 Different Solutions

“I work in data collection and I need to come up with some professional-looking PDF forms. Can someone tell me how to create fillable PDF form easily?” If you also wish to create some engaging PDF forms, then you might have a similar query as well. Ideally, PDF documents are known for their strict appeal as they are harder to edit. Though, there are times when applications like Word or Excel can’t help with data collection. In these situations, we need to create PDF with fillable fields to quickly collect data from others on the go. While it might sound complicated, creating fillable PDF forms is not that hard at all. In this guide, I’m going to teach you how to do the same as a pro.

Solution 1. PDFelement

This is a smart and resourceful solution to create fillable PDF forms of all kinds. You can directly import an existing form from applications like Word/Excel or create new forms as well. There is a feature to create interactive elements like radio buttons, text boxes, checkboxes, and so on. All of this will help you create the best-looking PDF forms without much effort.
  • Users can import existing forms from applications like Excel or Word and convert them to a PDF file.
  • There is a dedicated feature to automatically recognize and edit various interactive elements in the file.
  • If you want, you can add text fields, radio buttons, checkboxes, lists, combo boxes, etc. to create a new form.
  • There are also options to edit various fields and entities in a PDF file and further customize the document.
You can follow these suggestions to create PDF forms of different kinds using PDFelement.

Step 1: Import a file or create a new doc

To start with, just install PDFelement on your system and launch it whenever you wish to create a new form. In case if a form already exists in PDF, MS Word or Excel format, then click on the “Open File” button. This will let you browse to the file’s location and load it on PDFelement.
open pdf files in pdfelement windows
Alternatively, if you want to work on a new file, then click on the “Create PDF” button from its home.
create pdf in pdfelement windows

Step 2: Make a form fillable automatically

If the file already has fillable elements like text boxes or radio buttons, then go to its Form tab and click on the “Form Recognition” button. The tool will automatically read the file and make the interactive fields fillable. You can just enter the cursor to the field that you wish to fill or further edit.
form field recognition in pdfelement windows

Step 3: Work on interactive elements manually

PDFelement also lets us manually add interactive elements to the PDF file as well. For this, just go to the Form tab and select the element you wish to add. It supports various elements like text boxes, checkboxes, lists, radio buttons, combo boxes, and so on. Just select a feature and drag it to the location on the PDF file to add it. You can later go to its properties to further make the needed edits as well.
create field manually in pdfelement windows

Solution 2. Nitro PDF

Nitro PDF is one of the most popular PDF suites out there that can meet all kinds of professional requirements of yours. Using it, you can create new PDF documents, edit existing PDF files, and even convert files from one format to another (like Word to PDF). Apart from that, it can also help you create PDF that can be filled out or by importing another file. Here are some of the major properties of the Nitro PDF Suite that you would like to try.
  • It can help you create all kinds of PDF documents in no time, including converting Word, Excel, or PPT files to a PDF.
  • You can make PDF fillable in different ways using its available tools.
  • Users can export their PDF documents and forms in different formats as well.
  • It also lets us edit an existing PDF document without affecting its formatting.
  • Other features include PDF annotation, digital signatures, sharing of PDF docs, cloud integration, and more.
To learn how to make PDF form fillable using the Nitro PDF Suite, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Install and launch Nitro PDF

To start with, just go to the official website of the Nitro PDF Suite, and download it on your system. Complete the installation and launch it whenever you wish to create a fillable PDF form.

Step 2: Create a new PDF form

Once the Nitro PDF Suite is opened, just go to the Form tab from the toolbar to work on any PDF file of your choice. You can just enter the relevant fields and add a “Text Field” object from the toolbar to your form. Subsequently, you can also go to its File > Preferences > Forms to explore the options to work on a new PDF form. Here, you can also decide if you want to highlight the form fields, automatically calculate the form values, or enable the double-click gesture to open form values.

Step 3: Import fields from another source (optional)

You can also export another file directly to Nitro PDF as well. For this, just go to its Home > Create > PDF > From File.  Import the Word or Excel form that you have already created and further customize how you wish to use it. If needed, you can also go to the Create > PDF option and choose the “From Scanner” option. In this way, you can just scan a file and let Nitro PDF automatically convert it to a form. Later, you can add the Text Field wherever you wish the other user to enter data.

Step 4: Save it as a PDF file

That’s it! Once you have created a PDF form, you can go to the File > Save As option and save the PDF document in the desired way.

Other Solutions to Create a PDF Form that Can be Filled out

While Nitro PDF is certainly the best software to create fillable PDF forms, here are some other online tools that you can consider trying as well.

1. JotForm

JotForm is a paid online application that you can use to generate fillable PDF forms or work on existing PDF documents. It will let you come up with a new fillable PDF document by entering the relevant fields. Users can also upload an existing PDF file to make it a fillable form as well. create fillable pdf form jotform

2. SodaPDF

This is another option you can use to create a form PDF that can be filled in. Once you visit its web tool, just fill a form and enter the fields that you wish to add. If you want, you can upload an existing PDF file as a base as well. In the end, it will let you export the file as a fillable PDF form. create fillable pdf form sodapdf

3. PDFfiller

Lastly, you can also take the assistance of this online tool that will convert a standard PDF document to a fillable PDF file. All you got to do is go to its online tool and upload your PDF document. After that, make the needed changes, enter the relevant text fields, and export it as a fillable PDF file. create fillable pdf form pdffiller I’m sure that after reading the best way to create fillable pdf forms, you would be able to get your work done easily. I would suggest using PDFelement as it can let you convert any standard PDF into a fillable form. Besides that, you can also use it to import Word or Excel files and you can even scan a document to make it a PDF form as well. Feel free to explore its features and make the most of it to create, edit, and convert PDF documents in no time.