Find the Best PDF Binder Here: Online and Offline Solutions

“I have two PDF documents that I need to combine as a single file. Do you know about any reliable PDF binder that I can use?”

A friend of mine recently asked me this as he had to bind two PDF files as a single document. Well, anyone can combine PDF files by using a working PDF binder. This can either be a trusted online tool or a desktop application as well. Since there are so many options available, PDF users often get confused and can’t pick a reliable tool. To help you clear your doubts, I have come up with some tried and tested PDF binder solutions that you can also implement.

Method 1: PDF Binder Windows 10 and Earlier – Nitro PDF Suite

If you are looking for an all-in-one solution to edit, bind, convert, or protect your PDF files, then just give Nitro PDF Suite a try. It is a user-friendly and highly professional application that can merge various PDF documents. Apart from that, you can also add blank pages to a PDF file, or simply add pages from the clipboard, scanner, and other sources. If you want, you can bind an entire file to your document or simply bind selected pages of one file to another. Here’s how you can use the PDF binder for Windows to merge selected pages:

  1. Firstly, just install the Nitro PDF Suite on your Windows system and open both the PDF documents on Nitro Pro.
  2. Afterward, go to Pages > Pages Pane and enable the thumbnail view on the application.
  3. That’s it! Now you can just go to the first PDF document and select the pages that you wish to copy. You can press the Ctrl key to select multiple pages from the thumbnail view.
  4. In the end, just drag the pages and drop them to the location on the target PDF where you wish to bind these pages. You can go to File > Save and just export the binded PDF document to your system.

Note: Bind the Entire PDF Document

Besides binding selected pages, you can bind the entire PDF documents as well. For this, just launch the Nitro PDF Suite and open the first PDF file on it. Afterward, go to the Pages Section > Pages Pane to get the thumbnail view of the pages. Now, just open the Explorer, drag the other PDF file, and drop it to the location where you wish to merge the file in the source document.

Method 2: PDF Binder Mac – Preview

Since the desktop application of Nitro PDF Suite only supports Windows versions as of now, Mac users can take the assistance of Preview too. It is an inbuilt application in Mac and thus, there is no need to download any other tool. Using this PDF binder for Mac, you can either bind entire files or simply bind the pages of one document with another.

Bind Selected PDF Pages

To merge a few pages of one document to another, just open both the PDF files with Preview and go to View > Thumbnails. Now, select the pages from the first file’s thumbnail view, drag them, and just drop them to the location on the second PDF file. Later, you can export the entire document as a single PDF file.

Bind Two PDF Documents

You can also bind two different documents as a single PDF file using Preview. Just open the first file and go to its View > Thumbnail to get the thumbnail view on the side. Place your cursor to where you wish to bind the other file and go to Edit > Insert > Page from File option. Just browse and load the second file that you wish to bind to the source PDF.

Method 3: PDF Binder Online Tools

Besides PDF binder software like Nitro PDF and Preview, there are several PDF binder online free solutions available that you can use to bind PDF documents. For instance, some of the popular online PDF binder applications that you can try are PDFMerge, SodaPDF, iLovePDF, SmallPDF, PDFBinder, etc. Most of these online tools work in a similar way. You can load the files that you wish to bind, customize their features, and export the binded file in the end. Though, some of these tools have restrictions on the size of the PDF file and would leave their watermark on the exported file as well.

There you go! After reading this post, you can easily pick the best PDF binder free solution to bind two (or even more) PDF files together. Since online tools have so many drawbacks, I would recommend going with Preview for Mac or Nitro PDF for Windows users. With the Nitro PDF Suite, you can also create new PDF files, edit existing documents, convert them to different formats, and even protect your PDF pages. Feel free to give this reliable PDF suite a try and never fall short of creative ways to improve your work.