How to Merge PDFs on Mac: 2 Detailed Solutions

“I have some PDF documents that I want to merge as a single file on my macOS Catalina. Can someone tell me how to merge PDFs into one file on Mac?” As I read this query posted on a leading online forum, I realized that a lot of people find it hard to merge PDFs on Mac. Well, there are times when we simply wish to merge certain pages of different PDF files and export them as a single document. While it might sound complicated, it is actually pretty easy to work on macOS to merge PDF files. In this post, I will cover two detailed solutions to merge PDF Mac.

PDFelement: The Best Solution to Merge PDF Files on Mac

If you are looking for all kinds of PDF solutions, then you can just install PDFelement on your Mac. The application provides a hassle-free way to merge two or more PDF files on Mac into a single document. Besides merging your PDF documents, you can also split, edit, optimize them, and do so much more. If you want, you can even merge JPEGs and scanned PDF files on Mac using its OCR feature. Since there are multiple applications in the tool, it will certainly meet your professional needs related to PDF files.
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  • Users can merge multiple PDF files on Mac using its batch processing feature.
  • There are also additional options to edit components of a PDF file before saving it.
  • You can also merge scanned PDFs and JPEGs using its OCR tool.
  • Later, users can even convert the merged document as a PDF or any other format (like Word, Excel, or PowerPoint).
  • There are several other features related to editing, splitting, redacting, optimizing, and other operations for PDF.

To learn how to merge PDF documents on Mac using PDFelement, the following steps can be taken.

Step 1: Open its Batch Processing feature

Firstly, just launch PDFelement on your Mac and go to its Tools option from its sidebar. From the provided options on PDFelement, click on the “Batch Process” button.

Step 2: Load and merge PDFs on Mac

As the Batch Processing window will open, go to the “Combine” option from the sidebar. You can just click on the “Add” button to browse and load multiple PDF documents or can just drag-and-drop them here. Finally, choose how you wish to merge pages from the provided options and click on the “Apply” button.

Step 3: Edit and save the PDF

If you want, you can later edit the loaded PDF files and make the needed changes. You can go to the Edit section to access various tools to change the components of the file.

Besides that, you can also go to its thumbnail view to rotate pages, insert a blank page anywhere, or just delete any page from the PDF.

Once you are ready and have made the relevant changes, you can go to its File > Save As and just export the merged PDF documents as a single file.

Bonus: Merge JPEGs or scanned PDFs

If you want, you can also merge JPGs or scanned files to PDF on Mac by using the OCR feature of the tool. For this, just open the JPG or the scanned PDF and go to its Tool > OCR Text Recognition feature. This will let you scan the file and convert it to an editable PDF document that you can easily merge with other PDFs on Mac.

Using Mac’s Preview to Merge PDF Files

Besides PDFelement, you can also use Preview on macOS to merge PDF files as a single document. Since the application has limited features and also lacks an OCR tool, it is mostly not recommended by experts. Nevertheless, to merge 2 PDFs on Mac using Preview, you can follow these steps:

  1. Firstly, launch Preview from your Applications and open both the PDF documents in separate windows.
  2. On both the Preview windows, go to View > Thumbnails to have a thumbnail view of the pages on the sidebar.
  3. Now, go to the first document and select the pages to move from the thumbnail view. You can press the Command key to select multiple pages of the PDF.
  4. After selecting the pages, just drag them, and drop them to the thumbnail view on the other file. You can later rearrange them from the thumbnail view of Mac before saving the document.

Now when you know how to merge PDFs on Mac in two different ways, you can easily fulfill your requirements. Since PDFelement provides a wide range of features to merge two (or more) PDFs on Mac, it is considered as a recommended choice. Used by experts, it can let you merge JPEGs into PDF on Mac with its OCR feature. There are also several other operations you can perform using PDFelement, making it a highly resourceful tool.