How to Concatenate PDF Files on Windows: 2 Hassle-free Solutions

How can I concatenate two PDFs into one? If a similar query about combining or merging PDF files has brought you here, then you are about to get your doubts resolved. While working with PDF documents, we often wish to concatenate two or more documents into a single file. To concatenate PDF without losing its quality, you can use a reliable tool. In this post, I’m going to discuss two smart ways to concatenate PDF on Windows like a pro!

PDFelement: Concatenate Two or More PDFs in a Few Clicks

Developed by Wondershare, PDFelement is one of the most resourceful applications to perform various tasks on PDF files. You can run it on leading Windows and Mac versions and access its user-friendly interface to meet your professional needs.
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  • PDFelement can concatenate PDF files together in a customized way pretty easily.
  • If you want, you can concatenate two PDFs or just merge selected pages of a PDF file to the source document.
  • There is also a batch processing feature that can help you concatenate multiple files as a single PDF.
  • Not just that, you can also import files from other formats like Word, images, Excel, etc.
  • There are also additional features like OCR, conversion to other formats, PDF editing, annotating, and more.
Here’s how you can use PDFelement to import selected pages from a file or directly concatenate PDF files on Windows/Mac.

Method 1: Concatenate Selected PDF pages

Sometimes, we just wish to merge pages from a PDF file to another document. To concatenate selected PDF pages, just follow these steps.

Step 1: Load the source PDF file

Firstly, launch PDFelement on your system and just drag-and-drop your source PDF document here. You can also click on the “Open File” button from its home to browse the file.

Step 2: Import a few PDF pages

Now, go to the Page section of the main toolbar and click on the “Insert” button. From here, choose to insert pages from a PDF. This will let you locate the second PDF document and select the pages you wish to concatenate.

Step 3: Edit and save

If you want, you can make the needed changes in your file by entering the “Edit” field. In the end, you can go to its menu and choose to save the merged PDF document.

Method 2: Concatenate two or more PDFs

To use PDFelement to concatenate multiple PDF documents into one, you can just follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the PDF concatenation tool

To begin with, just launch PDFelement on your system and from its home, go to the “Combine PDF” feature.

Step 2: Load the files to concatenate

As a dedicated window will open, you can just drag and drop your PDF files you wish to concatenate. You can also click on the “Add” button to load multiple PDF files here.

Step 3: Save the merged document

After when you concat PDF files, you can make the needed changes in the document. In the end, you can go to its Menu > File and choose to save the merged document the way you like.

Nitro Pro: Another Friendly Solution to Concatenate PDF Files

If you wish to concatenate PDF files on Mac or Windows, then you can try PDFelement. On the other hand, Nitro Pro is another useful tool that can concatenate PDF on Windows presently. You can load and merge multiple PDF files into one, make the needed changes, and save the concatenated document. Using Nitro Pro is pretty easy and it will let you concatenate PDF files on Windows in the following way.
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  1. Launch Nitro Pro on your Windows first and go to its Create tab to select the “Combine” button.
  2. As the dedicated window to concatenate PDF files will be launched, click on the “Add Files” button to load the PDF documents to merge.
  3. After loading the files, you will get thumbnails of the pages so that you can remove any page of your choice.
  4. In the end, just select how you wish to export the document and click on the “Create” button when you are ready.
Who knew it would be so easy to concatenate two PDFs, right? Well, if you use the right tool to concatenate PDF files, then you can easily save your time and resources. As you can see, I have listed two different solutions here that can help you concatenate PDF on Windows or Mac. There are also additional features in these tools that would further help you edit, annotate, redact, split, convert, protect, and perform various other tasks on PDF files.