5 PDF Editor for Android Free Apps – Edit PDF Files on the Go

“Are there any reliable PDF editor for Android free apps that I can try? I’m traveling and I have a PDF document that I wish to edit, but I can’t access my laptop as of now.”

While PDF documents have become a vital part of our day to day work, they can sometimes be troublesome. For instance, if you don’t have the access to your computer, then you might need to look for some smart apps to edit them. Lately, the presence of PDF editor for Android free apps has increased. Since you might get confused with the presence of so many apps, I have come up with this guide. Read on and get to know about the most reliable Android free PDF editor apps that you can use for free.

Without much ado, let’s get to know about some of the most reliable and resourceful free PDF editor Android apk.

1. PDF Editor by Efficient

This is a lightweight PDF editor for Android that offers paid as well as free services. Apart from its basic editing features, you can always make in-app purchases to use its premium options.

  • Seamless option to edit PDF texts
  • Users can also edit images and graphics in a PDF file as well
  • You can apply new settings for the PDF text and fonts
  • Additional features include PDF annotation and protection

Runs on: Android 5.0+

efficient pdf editor

2. Foxit PDF Reader, Editor, and Converter

This is one of the best PDF editors free for Android that you can use for free. This diverse application can help you read PDF documents, edit them, and even convert them to different formats.

  • Manage, rename, move, and read PDF documents for free
  • Dedicated features to edit text and graphical content in PDF documents
  • Seamless options to create PDF files and convert them to different formats
  • Users can also optimize PDF files, reorganize them, and add external content as well

Runs on: Android 4.1+

foxit pdf reader mobile

3. PDF Text Editor by NextGen

As the name suggests, this free PDF editor for Android can help you edit the textual content in your PDF document. Therefore, if you wish to edit pictures in a PDF file, then you would have to look for other options.

  • Users can load the PDF document and edit the existing text in the PDF file.
  • It also provides a feature to convert the PDF file to a Word document.
  • Also supports PDF form filling
  • Lightweight, free, and user-friendly PDF editor

Runs on: Android 4.2+

nextgen pdf text editor

4. Xodo PDF Reader and Editor

This free Android PDF editor application is one of the most reliable PDF solutions for Android devices. Apart from reading PDF files, it can also be used to edit pages, fill forms, annotate them, and do so much more.

  • It provides a seamless feature to highlight any element in a PDF file and edit it.
  • Users can also convert PDF files to different MS Office formats.
  • There is an option to fill PDF forms and even include digital signatures in PDF
  • Other features include dark mode, PDF management, cloud syncing, etc.
  • Available in different languages

Runs on: Android 4.1+

xodo pdf reader

5. iLovePDF – PDF Editor & Reader

Lastly, you can read and edit pdf on Android free using iLovePDF. The application provides a wide range of features regarding PDF documents to meet your professional needs.

  • Seamless features to edit PDF text, pictures, tables, and more
  • Users can come up with engaging PDF documents using its custom features
  • There are options to annotate PDF documents and fill PDF forms as well
  • The app is pretty lightweight, free, and can be integrated with popular cloud-based platforms.
  • Includes in-app purchases for premium features

Runs on: Android 5.0+

ilovepdf pdf editor

Nitro PDF Suite: An All-in-one PDF Tool for Windows

Apart from Android applications, you can also take the assistance of the Nitro PDF Suite to work on your PDF documents. Using it, you can edit PDF documents, convert them, and even work on new PDF files as well. There are several user-friendly features that the tool offers, dedicated to PDFs. The PDF editor will let you make changes in the file while retaining its formatting. Besides that, you can protect your PDF files, annotate them, convert them to different formats, and even share it with others.

Now when you know about the various PDF editor for Android free apps, you can easily pick the right option. For your convenience, I have listed the 5 recommended apps to edit PDF documents on an Android. While some of these apps are completely free, others only offer a free trial/basic version. You can explore them further and let us know about your experience of using these PDF editors as well.