How to Extract Pages from PDF on Mac? Find out 2 Solutions Here!

“I have a very lengthy PDF document, but I only wish to extract a few pages from it. Is it possible to extract pages from PDF Mac?”

If a similar query about splitting a PDF file or extracting pages from it has brought you here, then you are about to get your questions answered. We all work with PDF files due to different reasons, but there are times when we wish to clip certain pages from an entire document. Well, in this case, you can try a handful of solutions – like Mac’s Preview, PDFelement, or even an online tool. I’m going to discuss all of these techniques in this detailed post.

Method 1: Use PDFelement [The Easiest Way]

When it comes to working with PDF documents, PDFelement is one of the first choices of leading professionals these days. It is a lightweight desktop application that is available for both Windows and Mac, providing tons of features related to PDF. For instance, you can view a PDF document and select the pages that you wish to extract. In this way, you can extract all the vital content from a PDF document and save it as a separate file.

  • With PDFelement, you can extract any page from a PDF file or enter a range of page numbers that you wish to extract.
  • If you want, you can also split the PDF file into different documents while still retaining the original file.
  • The tool is extremely easy to use, supports all kinds of PDF files, and runs on leading Mac and Windows versions.
  • Besides that, you can also use it to edit, create, annotate, protect, convert, and share PDF documents in different ways.

convert pdf to keynote pdfelement

Once you have installed PDFelement on your Mac, you can follow these steps to learn how to extract pages from PDF on Mac.
  1. Firstly, launch PDFelement on your Mac and from its home, select the “Open File” option. You can also go to its File menu and click on the “Open” button to launch a browser pdf pdfelement mac
  2. Simply locate the PDF file of your choice and open it on PDFelement. Once the PDF is loaded, go to the “Organize Pages” tab on the right navigation bar.organize pages in pdfelement
  3. Now, select any page that you wish to extract from the main file. If you want to extract multiple pages, keep pressing Command and then select pdf pages in pdfelement
  4. That’s it! Just click on the Extract Pages icon on the left menu to save the PDF file in the desired location with the extracted pages.extract pages from pdf on mac

Method 2: Extract Pages from PDF with Mac Preview

If you are a regular Mac user, then you might already be familiar with the Preview application as well. Mostly, the Preview is used by Mac users to read PDF files and to further manage their PDF documents. For instance, using Preview, you can move pages in a PDF file, add more pages, copy pages from one PDF to another, and even delete pages from a file. Therefore, you can quickly use the Preview application to extract pages from PDF in preview by following this smart drill.
  1. To start with, you need to make a second copy of your PDF file. That is, just copy it and paste it in any other location so that the changes on the second copy won’t be reflected in the original file.
  2. Now, just go to your Mac’s Finder > Applications and launch the Preview application on the system. Afterward, open the second copy of the PDF file that you have recently created.
  3. Once the file is opened, go to Preview’s View > Thumbnail to get a thumbnail view on the side.copy text from pdf in preview
  4. From the Thumbnail sidebar, you can just select the pages that you wish to extract and then drag the pages to your desktop or folder.

Method 3: Use an Online Tool to Extract Pages from a PDF

If you want, you can also try web tool to extract one page from PDF file on Mac as well. Although, these online applications are not that user-friendly, but you can explore them if you have enough time. Just be sure that the application won’t put a watermark on the exported PDF file as it might not create a good impression on others. You can head to the website of to extract pages from PDF on Mac or Windows. Some other tools are from Sejda, SmallPDF, SimplyPDF,, SodaPDF, etc. that you can also try. Now when you know how to extract pages from PDF document on Mac, you can easily meet your professional needs. Since online tools and Preview might not provide a complete solution, you can consider using PDFelement by Wondershare. It is a smart and lightweight solution to extract selected pages from a PDF file using its Mac or Windows application. Besides that, you can also use it to manage, edit, convert, protect, and perform so many other operations on your PDF documents as well.