How to Merge PNG to PDF: 2 Foolproof Solutions Here

“I have a PDF file that I have already worked on and now I wish to add some images in it. Do I have to convert it to a Word file now or can I directly merge PNG to PDF?” This is a question recently asked by a friend of mine who wanted to add some images to his PDF file. Since this is something that a lot of people encounter, I exactly knew what he needed to do. Most of the people think that they need to first convert their PDF to a Word document in order to add images in it, which is a misconception. In fact, if you use the right tools, then you can directly merge PNG to one PDF and that too in seconds. Read on as I have provided two stepwise solutions to add images to PDF files in this guide.

PDFelement: A One-click Solution to Merge PNG Files to PDF

Developed by Wondershare, PDFelement is a powerful and user-friendly desktop application that can help you convert multiple PNG to single PDF. Since the tool provides a wide range of features, you can use it in different ways to edit, convert, share, annotate, protect, and create PDF files. If you want, you can use it to combine different images together in a single PDF document or just add an image to your PDF file as well. Here’s how you can create PDF from multiple PNG in different ways using PDFelement:
pdfelement windows
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Method 1: Merge Multiple PNG to PDF

If you wish to combine various PNG files together as a single PDF, then follow these steps:

  1. To start with, just launch PDFelement on your system and click on the “Combine PDF” option from its welcome screen.
    combine pdf in pdfelement windows
    select the combine pdf option in pdfelement for windows
  2. This will launch the following Combine Files window. Just click on the “Add” button to open a browser window and add multiple PNG files that you wish to merge.
    add files in pdfelement windows
    add all the png files you want to combine
  3. Once the images are loaded, click on the “Next” button and wait as a PDF file is generated by the application.
  4. You can further go to the “Edit” tab to edit the document, add other images, format it, and do so much more.
    edit mode in pdfelement windows
    edit the file if needed
  5. In the end, you can just go to its File > Save As and save the PDF document in a secure location.
    save as in pdfelement windows
    save multiple pdf files as a single pdf

Method 2: Add PNG to PDF

If you want, you can also insert images from your system to a PDF document using PDFelement in the following way:

  1. Launch PDFelement on your system to start with and load a PDF file on pdf files in pdfelement windows
  2. Afterward, go to the “Edit” panel from the main navigation bar and click on the “Add Image” option to insert a picture to the PDF.
    insert image to pdf
    insert a png file into pdf
  3. This will load a browser window, so that you can locate and load any PNG file that you wish to add to the document.
  4. That’s it! Once the PNG is added to the PDF, you can drag it to the desired location in the file. Furthermore, you can resize the image and right-click it to get more editing options as well. Later, you can save the PDF or maintain its second copy with the “Save As” feature.
    edit image in pdf
    edit png file in a pdf

Nitro Pro: Another Smart Solution to Convert PNG to One PDF

Besides PDFelement, you can also take the assistance of Nitro Pro to add multiple PNG to PDF file. The application runs on leading Windows versions and lets us add PNG as well as PNG files to a PDF. You can insert an image to your PDF and can later change its position or simply resize it. Besides that, the application also offers various options to edit images, text, and other components of a PDF file. You can also use it to convert, protect, annotate, and share PDF files as well.

nitro pdf editor for windows
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  1. Firstly, launch Nitro Pro on your Windows system and open the PDF file of your choice with it.
  2. After when the PDF file is successfully loaded, go to the Review tab of the application and visit its Review Tools > Add Image feature.
  3. Now, you can select if you wish to add an image from your system, clipboard, or the scanner. Select the relevant option to add an image from a file and browse to the location where your PNG is saved.
  4. Once the file is loaded, you can arrange its position or resize it. Further, you can click on the “Edit” button to crop it, change its position, or rotate it.
  5. In the end, you can just go to the File menu and save the changes that you have made in your PDF document.
That’s a wrap, everyone! After reading this guide, you can certainly know how to turn multiple PNG into PDF using two user-friendly PNG to PDF merger applications. As you can see, I have listed different ways to add an image to a PDF document here. Furthermore, I have also explained how we can combine different images together and club them as a single PDF file using PDFelement. Since the application also offers several other features to edit, convert, annotate, protect, and share PDF files, it will certainly come handy to you on different occasions.