Convert Word to PDF: 3 Working Solutions Anyone Can Try

“I have a Word document and my boss wants me to email the file to him as a PDF. So how can I convert Word to PDF?”

As a friend of mine asked me this question, I realized that this is quite a common problem that is faced by several other users. We all work with MS Word documents on a daily basis, but there are times when we need to convert them to a PDF file due to various reasons. For this, users are needed to convert Word to PDF, which can be done in different ways. You can use Word’s native feature, a third-party tool, or an online service. In this guide, I’m going to discuss all these different solutions to create PDF from a Word file in detail.

Solution 1: Save your MS Word File as a PDF

The easiest way to convert Word to PDF is by using the inbuilt feature of Microsoft Word that can save your file as a PDF. Microsoft understood how users wish to create PDF documents of their Word files and came up with this feature. If you are using MS Word 2007 or a later version, then you would find this feature already present in the application. If not, you can just go to the official website of MS Office and download this freely available Word plug-in. To learn how to convert Word to PDF, just follow these steps:

  1. Firstly, open the document in MS Word that you wish to convert to a PDF file and go to its Menu > File category.
  2. Under the “Info” tab, you can view various options. Just click on the “Save As” button to make a second copy of the document.
  3. This will launch a browser window so that you can go to the location where you wish to save the file. Give it a name and click on the dropdown menu of the “Save as type” category. From here, just select PDF and click on the “Save” button to convert Word to PDF successfully.

Solution 2: Nitro PDF Suite (A Better Way to Create Secure PDF Documents)

If you would simply convert Word to PDF via the above method, then you won’t be able to secure your PDF file. Also, you would miss out on a lot of other actions that you can further take to improve your document. Thankfully, with the help of the Nitro PDF Suite, you can take full control of your PDF documents. It provides a fast and simple solution to create new PDF files, convert them, edit them, and even share them with others.

  • Using Nitro PDF, you can convert Word to PDF with a single click, and even create PDF from other formats as well.
  • Similarly, you can also export your PDF file to a Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or JPEG format.
  • Users can create a standard PDF or a secure document directly from MS Word.
  • It will let you edit your PDF files the way you like while still retaining its format.
  • Plenty of other features like PDF annotation, sharing of files, cloud integration, mobile apps, etc.

Here’s how you can use the Nitro PDF feature to convert Word to PDF with a single click.

  1. If you haven’t installed Nitro PDF, then just go to its official website, get a copy, and complete its installation.
  2. Once Nitro PDF is successfully installed, you can launch MS Word and open the document you wish to convert. You can view a dedicated Nitro tab on the MS Word interface now.
  3. Just go to the Nitro PDF tab under the MS Word ribbon and click on the “Create PDF” button. You can also click on the “Create PDF and Email” button as well to directly open an email client.
  4. If you wish to create a secure PDF, then go to the Nitro PDF tab > Creation > Apply Security. Afterward, click on the “Create PDF” button and as the security window would open, you can choose the desired security option.
  5. Also, to create a PDF/A-1b compliance file, you can go to Nitro PDF > Creation and select the feature to create PDF/A-1b compliance. You can also go to the Advanced option under the Nitro PDF tab to optimize its settings.

Solution 3: Online Word to PDF Converters

If nothing else seems to work, then you can take the assistance of a freely available online tool to convert Word to PDF. If you look up on Google, you can find plenty of online solutions like freepdfconvert, ilovepdf, smallpdf, sodapdf, wordtopdf, etc. that can do the job. Although, most of these tools have a size limit on PDF files (like 10 MB) and might leave their watermark on the pages.

There you go! I’m sure that after going through this post, you would be able to convert Word to PDF easily. Since most of the online tools leave their watermark, I would recommend using the native feature of Word or a professional tool like Nitro PDF Suite. As you can see, Nitro PDF offers tons of other solutions to secure, edit, and convert your documents. Therefore, you can keep the tool handy to meet your professional needs in the future.