3 Ways to Convert Excel to PDF (Free and Paid Solutions)

When you send an excel file to someone else it is possible that their computing system does not have particular fonts. Another major issue the receiver may face as broken document formatting. Learn how to convert Excel to PDF files is the most convenient way to overcome all these issues. File format conversion has become an easy task nowadays because both online tools and software applications are available to use. In this article, we are going to elaborate on the utilization of both freeware as well as premium tools in detail.

Method 1. Excel to PDF Converter Free-Using Excel

This is the simplest method of Excel file convert to PDF format. You don’t need any special software applications. Google Excel sheets have an inbuilt feature to make it work. Follow these simple steps to convert your file into various formats in just a few clicks.

  1. Open any Excel sheet with the help of your Google drive in the browser.
  2. Go to the “File” button and select the “Save as” option from the dropdown menu.
    convert excel to pdf
  3. You will find multiple options of file format conversion such as open document format, PDF document, tab-separated values and web page.
  4. When you click on the “PDF document” option, it will ask you for some customization options including paper size, page orientation, scale and margins.
  5. Select your preferences and click on the “Export” button. The converted file will be automatically downloaded in PDF format.
    save excel as pdf

Method 2. Excel to PDF Converter Online-Using Soda PDF

Sometimes, you don’t have assessed to any Google account or Microsoft Excel software application. Rather than wasting time in making these arrangements, it’s better to find an online tool. The online tools work similarly as software without requiring any installation process. All you need is a web browser and a working internet connection capable of processing data at an average speed. Here we are mentioning the process of conversion with “Soda PDF ” tool which is the feature-rich web application. Below are some simple steps to follow if you want to convert from Excel to PDF online.

  1. Open the official website of Soda PDF.
  2. They will automatically direct you to its homepage. Click in web browser “Try Free” to enter the main interface.
    soda pdf
  3. Click “Create PDF from File” on the left-side menu to explore the exact location of your file and upload it to Soda PDF.
    excel to pdf soda pdf
  4. In the next page, select your file by clicking “Any File” > Browse. According to your internet speed connection, it will take a few seconds to upload.
  5. Click on the “Download” now button to save the converted file in your computer system.

Conversion through Excel sheets application and online tools is completely free of cost. For normal use, you can go with these options. However, sometimes we also feel the need for some premium features while processing data for professional use. In that case, the Nitro PDF Suite is the perfect option to choose from.

Method 3. Excel to PDF Converter Software-Using Nitro PDF Suite

Nitro PDF Suite comprises a complete set of functions that a user may need with PDF file format. It is capable of converting Excel and other office files into PDF and vice versa. For instance, save your all files of different formats such as PowerPoint, Word and Excel as PDF. If you feel the need of a previous file format again, process it through the Nitro PDF Suite to get the desired results.

The best thing about this premium-grade suite is retaining your formatting. In most of the freeware tools, the document loses its formatting after conversion that results in crucial data loss. This converter is an excellent solution to do the formatting issues. You can convert multiple PDF documents at a time with this tool. Even the emails and attachments are also conveniently convertible into a PDF file format. Now we are going to learn how to change Excel to PDF following these steps.

Quick Steps for Excel to PDF Conversion

  1. Open your Excel sheet in the Microsoft Excel software.
  2. A tab of Nitro PDF will appear in the Excel ribbon from where you can quickly create PDF file.
  3. Please click on the Nitro pro tab and select a PDF setting from the given options.
  4. You will have two buttons either to “Create PDF” or “Create PDF and Email”. Selecting just create PDF button will download the document in your computer system. Using the email option will lead you to the browser for a software application for sending purposes.