Convert PDF to Word Mac – 3 Free and Working Solutions

Microsoft Word files are universally needed for both commercials as well as personal purposes. From the project report of schools to important official documents, we need Word files for everything. For porting documents online, PDF is the most convenient way because of the compatibility but receiving the data as it was added is a little bit challenging. We cannot perform several editing activities until the file is converted back into .doc or .docx format. It can be more difficult for the users of the macOS X because of the limited third-party software availability. If you want to convert PDF to Word Mac, We can help you with free PDF to Word converter for Mac that never fail. Scroll down to know more.

Method 1. In-built Mac PDF to Word Converter – Preview

For Mac operating system uses, Apple is providing an in-built application called Preview. It is capable of viewing PDF files and digital images. It is basically a viewing application but you can utilize the features to change PDF to Word on Mac. Below are some simple steps you need to follow for PDF to Word Mac free conversion.

  1. After receiving through to a pen drive or email, open the PDF file with the help of a Preview app in your MacBook or iMac.
  2. The entire text content will appear as it was updated into PDF file format by the sender.
  3. Select a particular piece of content or the entire text as per your requirement with the help of your mouse cursor.
    copy text from pdf in preview
  4. Press “Command + C” button to copy and open the Microsoft office application.
  5. Paste your content by pressing “Command + V” button. Save your new file in the desired destination.

This one is the simplest method for transporting text material from PDF document files into a Microsoft Word file. However, sometimes we need more features that are not available in the Preview tool. Therefore, we are mentioning some other reliable ways to convert PDF to Word document on Mac.

Method 2. PDF to Word Converter Free for Mac – Google Docs

No matter on which operating system you are currently working, Google is compatible with almost everything. Rather than any separate software, all features comprises in the Google Chrome browser. From text editing to data and trees, all tasks of Microsoft Word are now gradually being occupied by Google sheets. Currently, Google Docs comprise all essential features that you generally used in Microsoft Word file. Moreover, this online application is also capable of the PDF to Word document Mac conversion. Here is a complete stepwise process to convert PDF to Word doc on Mac.

  1. Sign in with your Google account on Google Chrome and open “My Drive”.
  2. Use drag and drop function to upload your PDF file from MacBook storage to Google drive. It will take just a few seconds to upload the file into Google cloud storage.
    convert pdf to word on mac using google docs
  3. Right-click on that particular file and move your cursor to “Open With”.
  4. Here select Google docs option and click on it. The file will open in a new tab with MS Word file format. You can share its link with anyone by editing the sharing options.
    convert pdf to word on mac using google doc
  5. The receptor can open it in both Google drive as well as MS Word.

Method 3. PDF to Word Converter for Mac Free Online – PDF to DOC Converter

You must have all possible options of conversion in case of any method fails. If you want to convert PDF to Word Mac free online, it is also possible with the help of online converters. These Mac PDF to Word converter online tools work proficiently in all operating systems because your browser conducts all operational activities without requiring the support of an operating system framework. We have a feature-rich tool that is specifically meant for converting PDF documents into various other file formats. The PDF to DOC Converter can also convert your file into .docx, plain text, jpg and png. Here is a complete process to follow:

  1. Open PDF to DOC online tool in your web browser. When the website opens, click “Upload Files” to upload a file from the location or use drag and drop features.
  2. At a single time, this tool allows you to upload a maximum number of 20 PDF files. Once you upload, the file will be automatically converted into .doc or .docx format as per your requirement.
    upload pdf pdf2doc
  3. Click on the “Download” button and get the information of PDF into Word file format.
    convert pdf to word pdf2doc

PDF to Word Converter for Windows – Nitro PDF Suite

File format conversion is a task of hassles when you are managing a lot of documents in the office. For professional use, you need a powerful tool that is capable of converting PDF files into all possible formats and reversing the process. This software is compatible with Windows operating system. Here is a complete process you need to follow for converting the document in Nitro PDF software without losing the quality.

  1. Download and open the Nitro PDF Suite on your computer.
  2. Drag and drop your PDF file in the software or open its location.
  3. The file will appear in in a readable as well as an editable format.
  4. Click on the home button and you will see an option “To Word”.
  5. When you select it, a small window will appear where you can add more files from different locations.
  6. Choose the destination folder where you need to save these files and click on the “convert” button.

Use the first three techniques to turn PDF into Word on Mac. The fourth option is for users to convert from PDF to Word on Windows. If you don’t use the internet frequently, it is advisable to install software like Nitro PDF Suite. When in need, out of these three, at least one will surely work to simplify your task.