How to Convert PDF to Pages on Mac – Free and Working Solution

“I have a PDF file, but I only wish to extract its text so that I can open it with Pages on Mac. Sadly, I can’t find any solution to convert PDF to Pages on Mac.” If you are also a Mac user who is working with PDF files, then you can encounter a similar situation. Since PDF files can’t be edited so easily, users often face a hard time working on them. For instance, you might wish to work on the same content on the Pages application on Mac. As Pages is the go-to word processor for Mac users, it lets us easily edit text and offers tons of other features as well. Don’t worry – I’m going to help you fix this problem and teach you how to change PDF to Pages on Mac easily.

Method 1. PDFelement – for Mac and Windows Users

Since the inbuilt solutions in Mac are not that user-friendly, you can try a better alternative like PDFelement. It is a dedicated Mac and Windows application that provides a wide range of features for PDF files. With just a single click, you can convert your PDF files to Pages-supported format for Mac. Besides that, there is also a batch processing feature to convert multiple PDF files at once. pdfelement
To learn how to convert PDF to Pages on Mac using PDFelement, just follow this drill.
  1. Firstly, install and launch the PDFelement application on your Mac and from its home, click on the “Open File” option. This will open a browser window, letting you browse and open any PDF file.
    open pdf pdfelement mac
  2. Once the PDF document is opened, go to PDFelement’s Menu > File > Export To and select “Pages” from the provided options. The application will read the data from the PDF file and will let you save it to a Pages format in the location of your choice.
    export pdf to pages in pdfelement mac
  3. If you have multiple files to convert, then just go to its Tools > Batch Process > PDF Converter.
    convert pdf in pdfelement mac
    Drag and drop the files and in the output format, select “Pages” before starting the converting process.
    convert pdf to pages in pdfelement mac
  4. Apart from converting PDF to Pages, you can also use PDFelement to convert files to different formats, annotate PDFs, create new PDF files, protect them, and so on.

Method 2. PDF to Pages Converter for Mac Free – Automator

Automator is one of the most resourceful applications in Mac that helps us automate some complex tasks easily. Using it, you can simply load a PDF file on your Workflow and later extract all the textual content from it. In this way, you can save the text file separately and use it with Pages without any trouble. A lot of users work with Preview when it comes to PDF, but it doesn’t let us convert PDF to Pages documents on Mac as of now. Therefore, using Automator to export PDF to Pages on Mac would be your best bet presently. Here’s how you can work on Automator’s PDF extractor.
  1. To start with, just go to your Mac’s Finder > Applications and launch the Automator app on it. Now, go to Automator’s File menu > New and open a new “Workflow”.open workflow in automator
  2. Afterward, go to the Actions panel on the Automator and select Files & Folders > Ask for Finder Items.actions panel in automator
  3. This will open a browser window so that you can locate and load the PDF file you wish to convert.locate pdf file in automator
  4. Once the file is loaded, again go to the Actions panel and select PDFs > Extract PDF text.extract pdf text in automator
  5. This will open a pop-up window for you to make the needed selections. You can drag the opened PDF file to the Actions window and select the output text type (plain or rich text).
  6. Subsequently, select the output location for the text file and click on the Run button to start the process. In the end, this will extract all the text from the PDF and will create a new file that you can open with Pages.convert pdf to pages in automator

Method 3. Convert PDF to Pages on Mac Online

If you are looking for a quicker solution, then you can convert PDF file to Pages online in Mac as well. Some of the popular online solutions that you can try are from PDF2Go, CleverPDF, SmallPDF, ZamZar, ilovePDF, and so on. All you got to do is load a PDF file and it will be converted to a Pages-supported format (like txt).  There are both free and paid online services available that you can try. Though, most of the free services have restrictions on the size of the PDF file that can be uploaded. convert pdf to pages cleverpdf

There you go! By following these suggestions, you can easily save PDF as Pages on Mac or Word on Windows. No matter you are a Mac user or a Windows user,  you can try the PDFelement to convert a PDF file to Word, PowerPoint, or Excel documents. It can also help you create new PDF documents, edit existing PDF files, and even protect them. Furthermore, you can use its cloud integration feature to collaborate with others on a project as well.