Want to Reduce PDF File Size Below 100 KB? Here are 3 Solutions

“I want to upload my CV to a job portal, but it says that the PDF file size has to be below 100 KB. Can someone tell me how to reduce PDF file size below 100 KB so that I can upload my CV that is of around 400 KB presently?” This is one of the many queries that PDF users with a large file size face these days. A lot of online portals restrict the size of the PDF file that can be uploaded by users to a maximum of 100 KB. On the other hand, PDF files can be of a larger size (sometimes in MBs) that can restrict users. Don’t worry, there are multiple ways to optimize your documents and reduce PDF size to 100 KB that I’m going to discuss in this guide.

Method 1. PDFelement: A Smart One-click PDF Compressor

With the help of PDFelement, you can optimize your PDF documents with just a single click. It doesn’t matter how big the PDF document is, the application can optimize it to the desired size. Since there is an inbuilt compressor tool to optimize the file, you don’t have to go through any unwanted hassle.
  • PDFelement has inbuilt features to optimize a document in different degrees to meet your requirements.
  • Since it will automatically compress the file and its elements, you don’t have to spend your time and effort.
  • While the quality of your documents would be optimized, the application will make sure that its vital data won’t be compromised.
  • Besides that, PDFelement can also be used to edit your document, crop pages, resize images, and do other things to compress the file manually.
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To learn how to use PDFelement to compress the documents automatically, the following steps can be taken:

Step 1: Open the PDF file to optimize

To begin with, just launch PDFelement on your system and click on the “Open File” button to browse the respective file. You can also just drag-and-drop your PDF document to the application.

open pdf files in pdfelement windows
open a pdf file in pdfelement for windows

Step 2: Use the PDF Optimizer

Once the PDF document is opened, you can go to its Menu > File > Optimize feature to compress it. There are different degrees like low, medium, and high to optimize the document. You can also view its compression ratio and the final size here so that you can compress the file as per your needs.

If you want, you can also make some manual changes to compress the file. For instance, you can go to its Edit tab to resize images, crop pages, and do so much more to optimize the file. 

Step 3: Save the Optimized PDF

That’s it! Once you have successfully compressed the PDF, you can go to its main Menu > File > Save As to save the optimized document.
save as in pdfelement windows

Method 2. Reduce PDF File Size Below 100 KB Offline

To start with, I’m going to discuss the tool that I use to optimize the file size of my PDF documents. A lot of other tools (especially online) would just shrink the elements of a PDF document that would compromise with its quality. Since I didn’t want to make my PDF files look bad, I searched for several solutions and finally discovered Nitro PDF Suite. It doesn’t simply reduce PDF to 100kb, but let us optimize it so that the document would stay in the best quality.

  • It is a professional PDF suite that would let you optimize the size of images, objects, and other elements in your files.
  • There are tons of options provided to users so that they can control how they wish to reduce the size of their PDFs.
  • The application can also remove bookmarks, file links, document attachments, named destinations, and other irrelevant objects that can increase the file size.
  • Apart from that, there are several other features to edit the PDF document, convert it into different formats, and share it with others as well.
nitro pdf editor for windows
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To learn how to use this PDF size reducer less than 100 kb, you can follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Load the PDF document

Firstly, just install and launch the Nitro PDF Suite on your PC and load the PDF file that you wish to optimize on it. Afterward, go to the Menu > File > Optimize PDF option to open a dedicated window to reduce the file size.

Step 2: Use the features to optimize the file

The interface will provide a wide range of features that you can use to reduce file size below 100 kb or any other size:

1. Reduce size

The option will just change the file size to the desired value. You can click on the “Show Details” option to view what changes are made.

2. Reduce size and print ready

This will automatically optimize the PDF size and make it ready for printing.

3. Custom

This will let you manually make the needed changes to reduce the file size. The custom feature will let you adjust the following settings:

  • Resample image size
  • Remove interactive content
  • Remove unwanted document content
  • Get rid of bookmarks
  • Remove file attachments
  • Delete embedded thumbnail images
  • Remove named destinations and links
  • Get rid of unused objects
  • Remove invalid unused links, and so on

Step 3: Save the optimized PDF file

That’s it! Once you have made the adjustments, click on the “Optimize” button to save the changes. In the end, you can go to the Menu and save the second copy of the optimized file.

Method 3. Reduce PDF File Size Below 100 KB Online

Option 1. Small PDF

If you are looking for an online solution to reduce PDF size 100 KB, then you can also try Small PDF. Just head to its website and load the PDF file from your system. If you want, you can also load it from Google Drive or Dropbox as well. After that, the online PDF reducer below 100kb will automatically take the needed measures and will reduce the PDF size.

smallpdf compress pdf

Though, it is not guaranteed that the file size would be 100 KB or less since there are no custom features here. Also, the quality of the PDF file in the end would be compromised.

Option 2. Free PDF Convert

Free PDF Convert is a freely available online tool that can also reduce PDF file size to 100kb online (if you are lucky). Since the application can’t guarantee to reduce the size to less than 100 KB, you might have to pass the file under different rounds. In the end, this might tamper with the quality of your PDF document. To use it, you can just go to its website, load the PDF file of your choice, and start the compression process.

freepdfconvert compress pdf

Now when you know three different ways to reduce PDF file below 100kb, you can easily optimize your PDF documents. As you can see, most of the online tools might not guarantee to reduce the file size to a particular limit like 100 KB and can make your files unreadable. To resolve this, you can simply use a reliable tool like Nitro PDF and customize the way you optimize your PDF documents to get the best results.