Get the Best PDF Size Converter Without Compromising Document Quality

If you have compiled a couple of documents in a PDF file and it’s sending process is failing due to large size, you need a PDF size converter to reduce it. This is possible through multiple methods such as PDF file size converter software, online tools and zipping tools. If you are looking for an instant solution, it is advisable to go with the option of an online converter. Read the article below to understand it.

Method 1. Convert PDF to Smaller Size Online

If you have a working internet connection, consider online tools as the fastest ways of conversion. Search online iLovePDF tool which is currently a leading online PDF document compressor and editor in multiple sizes and formats. If you open this full-functioning online tool, it will work in the following way:

  1. The online tool for PDF size reduction will give you multiple options to upload the file. Use drag and drop features or select PDF files from a specific location from your hard drive. Some advanced tools also allow you to get the file from cloud space such as Google Drive or Dropbox.
    compress pdf ilovepdf
  2. Click on the “Compress PDF” button and it will start processing the file.
    upload pdf ilovepdf
  3. Within a few seconds, the compressed version of file will be automatically downloaded.
    download pdf ilovepdf

Most of the size conversion tools are available for free of cost. However, there are some premium features for which, you have to buy full versions of PDF smaller size converter. These tools comprise some additional features specifically meant for business purposes only. Currently, Nitro PDF Suite is globally trending for commercial purposes. Here we are going to elaborate on every single aspect of this revolutionary tool that you need to know.

Method 2. Convert PDF to Lower Size Offline

It is a complete suite of software applications comprising all possible features that you may need to customize or read a PDF. It is a robustly designed professional-grade software that will help you in various activities like:

  • PDF creation
  • Editing
  • Conversion
  • Merging
  • Annotation
  • Protecting
  • Signing
  • Integration

Quick Steps to Convert PDF File to Smaller Size

With the Nitro low size PDF converter, one can manually customize the size of a document in multiple ways. You will not find any dedicated button meant for compressing the file. There are different techniques to implement manually while saving the document. For your convenience, here we are mentioning some tricks you need to check out.

Option 1. Recreating PDF File

File recreation is the simplest method to convert PDF size to smaller. When you try to deploy a document for printing, it will ask to retain and exclude some objects. Utilize this feature for reducing the size of your document. Here is a complete process you need to know:

  • Open the file in the Nitro PDF Suite and go to the upper left corner where you will see the “file” button to the extreme left side.
  • Click on the print button and select “Nitro PDF creator” option from the dropdown menu.
  • Explore the “printer properties” option and you will be directed to the menu of choosing conversion quality.
  • Select “web-ready” conversion quality which is the smallest size option and press “ok”.
  • Your file with reduced size is ready after removing all the clutter such as tags and pesky images.

Option 2. Reviewing and Removing Unwanted Space Occupiers

This is basically an optimization process to convert PDF to smaller file. Along with informative material, the PDF files also comprises various objects that you may not need. These elements can be links, form fields, bookmarks, JavaScript and embedded fonts. Nitro PDF Suite can help in removing all these unwanted objects with these simple steps:

  • Open your document in the software and click on the “file” option followed by the “optimize PDF” button.
  • Here you will have to select the “reduce size” option and click on the “optimize” button.
  • The process of size reduction will be executed and it will reduce your PDF file by almost 40%.
  • Apart from these two effective methods, you can also compress the image sizes. Images are the main reasons why our PDF documents gain their size. Other tools may compromise with the quality of the document but the Nitro PDF Suite gives you full manual control to customize the size safely.

Nowadays, businesses need highly customizable as well as easy to operate tools for fast and effective results. Sending and receiving countless documents on a regular basis is a frequent process of every business. If you want an all in one tool including features like PDF size convertor, document format converter or inner content editor, noting is better than a Nitro PDF Suite.