How to Downsize PDF Files: 3 Different Methods to Try

“Can someone tell me how to downsize PDF? I have a huge 45 MB PDF document that I want to optimize so that I can easily mail it to my colleagues.” This is a query posted by a concerned PDF user on Quora that I read a while back. If you also work with PDF files frequently, then you might encounter a similar situation as well. There are times when the size of PDF files can be larger than the expected limit. The good news is that to overcome this problem, you can downsize PDF file and make it easier for you to share them with others. I’m going to let you know how to optimize a PDF file’s size in three ways right here.

PDFelement: Downsize PDF on Mac and Windows

This is one of the easiest ways to downsize PDF in different size options. To make it simpler for us, PDFelement allows different levels (from high to low) that we can select. In this way, you can just decide the size of the optimized PDF file. The application will do everything on its own and will make sure that all the vital content in the PDF would remain intact while compressing it. pdf downsizer pdfelement
  • While downsizing PDF document, the formatting and all the essential content in the file would be retained.
  • There are different levels that the tool provides to compress the file. Its relevant size and compression level will also be depicted beforehand.
  • Furthermore, PDFelement can also be used to edit existing PDF files or create new PDF documents like interactive forms.
  • You can also use it to fill forms, collaborate with others, protect PDF files, and even convert PDF files to different supported formats.
Here’s how you can downsize PDF file size using PDFelement in no time.
  1. To start with, just launch PDFelement on your computer and go to the “Open File” button to load the PDF document you wish to downsize.
    open pdf files in pdfelement windows
  2. Once the document is opened, go to its File menu and click on the “Optimize” button. This will load a dedicated interface with options to optimize the document.
  3. You can just slide the scale and select the level of your choice to downsize the file. The estimated size of the optimized file will be displayed as well.
  4. After making the appropriate selection, just click on the “Optimize” button and save the downsized PDF file to a preferred location.

Nitro PDF: Optimize PDF File Size [For Windows]

Nitro PDF is another popular solution that you can use to downsize PDF on Windows system. If you are running short on time, then you can directly resize the document and the application will take care of everything automatically. Apart from that, you can also use its custom option to select how you wish to optimize the file. To learn how to downsize PDF files using Nitro PDF, the following steps can be taken.
  1. Firstly, install Nitro PDF on your Windows computer and open the PDF that you wish to optimize on it.
  2. After when the PDF document is loaded, go to its Menu > File > Optimize PDF to get more options. To automatically downsize PDF, click on the “Reduce Size” button, and select the desired size range for the file.
  3. Furthermore, you can click on the “Custom” feature here to get settings related to file attachments, interactive content, bookmarks, etc. You can also resample the image size to customize the PDF and reduce its size in the process.
  4. In the end, just click on the “Optimize” button and save the compressed PDF file to any location of your choice.

Use Web Solutions to Downsize PDF Online

Apart from Nitro PDF and PDFelement, there are plenty of online tools as well that you can use to downsize PDF file online. Since you don’t have to download any application for this, you can downsize PDF by simply visiting their websites. Some of the popular online tools to resize PDF are from SmallPDF, SimplyPDF, SodaPDF, ilovePDF, Compress PDF, and so on. Just be sure that the online tool you use should be safe and it should not leave a watermark on the compressed file. Also, some online tools might have a restriction on the size of the PDF document that we can upload. I would recommend checking these prerequisites in advance to have a smoother experience for downsizing PDF files. There you go! After reading this post, you can easily tell anyone about these smart solutions to downsize a PDF. As you can see, it is pretty easy to downsize PDF documents if we use the right tools. You can just give PDFelement a try as it is available for both Mac and Windows systems. Since it offers an extensive range of features to work with PDF files, you can surely meet all your professional needs without any unwanted hassle.