How to Add a Link to PDF: 2 Step by Step Solutions

“I have a PDF file that I need to link to some web pages, but I can’t find any solution to do that. Can someone tell me how to add a link to PDF?” If you are also working with a PDF document, then you might encounter a situation like this as well. While working with a PDF file, we often wish to link some content to a web page for reference, link it to another file or a page in the same PDF too. The good news is that it is pretty easy to hyperlink in PDF so that you can easily redirect the reader to any URL, file, or a page. In this post, I’m going to provide a step by step solution on how to add a link to PDF file by using two professional applications.

The Easiest Way to Add a Link to PDF: PDFelement

PDFelement by Wondershare is a dedicated application that provides an extensive set of features related to PDF. Using it, you can easily edit any PDF file and add all kinds of content to it as well. For instance, you can add html link to PDF and provide different actions to that link. Furthermore, it also lets us add comments, edit existing content, add digital signatures, and perform various other tasks on a PDF file.
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  • It provides a user-friendly and smart solution to add a link to PDF and connect it to a target location in different ways. You can link it to a URL, another page of the PDF, or open a file from the link.
  • There are different options to work on the link appearance and type too. You can select the color for the link, its type, thickness, highlight style, and so on.
  • Apart from adding new links to a PDF, you can also unlink something as well or further customize the link.
  • Besides that, PDFelement can also be used to edit existing files or create new PDF documents. There are features to protect, convert, share, optimize, and annotate PDFs in the application.

Once you have installed PDFelement on your Windows or Mac, you can follow these three steps to add web link to PDF.

Step 1: Open the file on PDFelement

open pdf files in pdfelement windows
open pdf with pdfelement on windows computer

Firstly, launch PDFelement on your computer and click on the “Open File” option from its home. This will open a browser window so that you can locate and load a PDF file of your choice.

Step 2: Hyperlink in PDF file

add link in pdfelement windows
add link to a pdf in pdfelement for windows

After opening the file, go to the “Edit” tab of the application and click on the “Link” option. Now, you can just select the text (or area) where you wish to add the link. Once you release the mouse, the following pop-up window will open. Here, you can provide details on how you wish the link to appear.

Additionally, you can also select if you wish to link a page, a URL, or open a file. If you wish to add a web link to PDF, then just enter the URL under the web page section. To open a file, you need to browse and select the location where the file is currently saved. You can also jump to another page of the same file from the link too.

Step 3: Save the linked PDF

edit pdf in pdfelement windows
edit link in a pdf with pdfelement for windows

Once the link is added, you can view it on your PDF file. You can select and right-click to get options related to it and even unlink it from here. In the end, you can just go to File > Save As to save the changes and maintain another copy of the document (if needed).

Another Option to Hyperlink in PDF Document: Nitro Pro

If you are looking for any other solution to add links in PDF document, then you can also try Nitro Pro. Though, unlike PDFelement, it is only available for Windows as of now. The tool is pretty easy to use and will let you add a URL to your PDF file on the go.

  1. Firstly, launch Nitro Pro on your computer and open the PDF document on it.
  2. Afterward, go to its Navigation group > Page Layout tab > Link and select the area you wish to link on the file.
  3. As the Create Link window will open, you can set your preferences for the link appearance and link action.
  4. Enter the target URL or the page number in the link action section and add the link to the PDF document.
Once the link is added, you can drag it anywhere else or even edit it. You can also un-link it if you want and save the file once you are done. There you go! Now when you know the process of creating a link to a PDF document in two different ways, you can easily meet your professional needs. Ideally, you can go with either Nitro Pro or PDFelement to link your PDF files to another web page, document, or a page of the same file. Apart from linking your PDF documents, both these applications can further be used to edit, convert, share, protect, annotate, and optimize PDF files. There are various other actions that you can take and utilize the abundant features of these PDF suites to be a pro in no time!