Hyperlinks Not Working in PDF? Here’s An Essential Troubleshooting Guide

“Someone help me as hyperlinks not working in PDF files?” This is one of the many queries that I get these days from PDF users who are not able to add hyperlinks to their documents. There could be all kinds of instances, and at times, even a link that is already added doesn’t seem to load. For example, you could face issues like PDF links not working in browsers or Word to PDF hyperlinks are not working on Mac. In this definitive guide, I will help you fix the PDF links not working issues of all kinds.

Issue 1: PDF Links Not Working in a Browser

If your PDF links are not working in a browser, then I would suggest the following fixes:

Fix 1: Enable Chrome’s PDF viewer

Make sure that the PDF viewer add-on is installed and working on your Chrome. For this, go to your Chrome’s Settings > Plugins and look for Chrome PDF viewer. Please note that the plug-in is installed, updated, and enabled.

Fix 2: Check the link’s URL

Besides that, chances are that you could have added a wrong or incomplete web address while creating the link. If the PDF links are not working in Android or browsers, then go to the file again and add a correct URL.

Issue 2: Hyperlinks in PDF documents not Working

Besides that, some users also complain that hyperlinks in PDF documents are not working. In this case, you can try these suggestions to fix the PDF links not working issue.

Fix 1: Change the trigger event

In some applications, we can set a trigger event to link the PDF document. For instance, instead of a standard click, it can be a right-click or the hovering of the mouse. Simply go to the PDF’s settings and make sure the default trigger event is a standard click.

Fix 2: Check the destination location

Chances are that the location the link is pointed to could be modified or removed. For example, if your link takes you to a certain page in your PDF that you have now deleted, then it would no longer work.

Issue 3: Hyperlinks not Working in PDF converted from Word

There are times when users complain that their hyperlinks in Word are not working in PDF anymore. Although this PDF issue can be caused due to different reasons, I would suggest the following resolutions.

Fix 1: Check the address of the file

When the hyperlinks in Word are not working in PDF, make sure the address of the attached file is right. You would have to add a “~” sign before the address of the local computer’s location. Therefore, if the file is stored in your Documents folder, then the link should be written as “~/Documents/” followed by the file name.

Fix 2: Use a reliable Word to PDF converter

Needless to say, the application you are using to convert the Word file to PDF should preserve its links. You can consider a reliable application like PDFelement or Nitro Pro to fix issues like hyperlinks not working in PDF converted from Word. These applications will make sure that your links would be retained as you convert your Word document to a PDF.

How to Add Hyperlinks to a PDF File

By now, you would be able to fix the hyperlinks no working in PDF issue for sure. As you can see, if you don’t use the right tools to add hyperlinks, then you can encounter issues like this. To avoid that, I would consider using PDFelement, which is an excellent PDF manager, equipped with numerous features.
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There are different ways to link your documents using PDFelement:
  • You can add a link to a webpage that would be opened in your default browser.
  • PDFelement can also link a page or a part of the page in the link action.
  • If you want, you can also link another document to your PDF (for instance, open another PDF file when you click on the link).
  • There are also other features to customize the overall appearance of the link in the file.
  • You can make a link visible or invisible using these features of PDFelement.
To link a document in different ways using PDFelement, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the PDF document

To start with, just launch the PDFelement application on your system and open the PDF file on it. You can click on the “Open File” option from its home or just drag-and-drop the document.

Step 2: Add links to the PDF

After opening the file, go to the Edit tab from the navigation bar and click on the “Link” feature. This will let you select any area or content in the PDF that you wish to link and would launch a dedicated window. Here, you can select if you wish to link a PDF page, URL, or another file to it. You can enter the page number, the URL of the web page, or browse to another file location. Besides that, you can also customize the thickness, color, and overall appearance of the link.

Step 3: Review and save the PDF

That’s it! After adding the link, you can view it on your PDF file. You can always select and right-click it to delete or edit the link. If you want, you can save the file in the end by visiting its Menu > File options. I hope that after reading this guide, you would be able to fix issues like hyperlinks not working in PDF. One of the major reasons for PDF links not working in Android, Windows, or Mac is using an inefficient application. If you don’t want to encounter issues like PDF links not working, then just take the assistance of PDFelement. It is available for both Windows and Mac, offering tons of features to edit and manage your PDF files.